Launch of New Marshfield Brand Identity

­­Never before in our 159-year history has the City of Marshfield been branded. While we will always embrace and appreciate Marshfield’s past, we look forward with great anticipation to Marshfield’s future – specifically, where we are headed together. Today marks a historical milestone for Marshfield. We are pleased to present the first ever brand identity for the City. The process to get to this point has been extensive. The City of Marshfield is following a very critical three-year strategy of moving toward a positive future. This began with a series of “Vision Casting” meetings facilitated by consultant, Francine Pratt. Over 150 residents, representing a cross section from our community, participated in eight focus groups in order to give feedback about their perceptions of our City and what each envisioned for the future. This information was a contributing component in the brand identity design.

The first step in upgrading the City’s visual image came with the development of a new City website in April. Since that launch, there has been intense focus on developing a brand for Marshfield.  Several logo concepts were presented and then revised based on feedback from the Mayor, Board of Alderman and City of Marshfield employees.

The final, approved concept brings together some of the unique combination of ideals brought out in the vision casting meetings. The logo is fresh, modern, versatile, and adaptable to many applications. The blue reflects our school pride, and the green signifies growth and progress. The typography is clean and simple. The image signifies the coming together of Route 66 and bicycle Route 76. Marshfield is the only place that these two cross-country routes intersect. Hundreds of motorists and cyclists pass through our community every year via these routes. Regardless of what you think of when you see this mark, TOGETHER is the key word expressed through this brand.

Next steps include displaying this brand prominently and proudly throughout our City. Branding will be carried over to existing components such as social media, signage, and vehicle graphics. Additional materials will be updated based on replenishment.

Please take a few moments to watch this short video that shows how well the brand identity works in various applications.